Nairobi Raha.

Nairobi raha is all about Nairobi’s lifestyle,whether Nairobi's Nightlife or any other and I

dare ask you is your lifestyle Nairobi worthy? Nairobians are people, who like pleasure

and in Swahili I would say,’Ni watu wa kupenda raha.’

Raha when loosely translated means

pleasure,and Lol,Nairobi provides plenty

of this and the satisfaction that comes

with it.

This the pride that makes us a proud

society, a people living on the first

line,seeing possibilities and working to

make ends meet.

Yet will all this be satisfied of who we are,out lifestyle and what makes us a robust


A good hotel for a good day out.

Nairobi raha does not need to about sex; it does not need to be about gossip. Yes it

does not need to be about pornography .Our lifestyle defines who we are, what a city we

are building and what makes us tick.

This is the Kengeles...

When I fell in love with Nairobi, I choose to make it may home reason being that it

provides what I love most, opportunities, opportunities and more opportunities.That is

my city, which is my pleasure.

I Choose The City For The Pleasure.

Way back in 2008 when my family and I choose to settle here I remember asking my

partner this direct question. What pleasure does the city provide to you? Here was her

answer, “My pleasure is what I can be able to do. Being able to shop when I want, taking

coffee at my preferred restaurant, enjoying the pleasant weather….being able to raise my

kids….being  able to enjoy myself’’.

A view of K -club at night.

'' A friend of mine has always wondered why Nairobi lifestyle has to do

with,Koinange street ( Yah, this is Nairobi's red light street ),nude photos of

men and women,brothels and some kind of all things Sex.

To her since she immigrated from Australia,it has always to do with the

pleasant weather that the city gave her as she stepped in the city "

Nairobi Raha,My Style.

What a better way to agree. My pleasure includes watching live English premier league

games every weekend, taking coffee at my preferred joint, going to the local Stadia to

watch local teams battle out for football or rugby glory.

On Saturday or Sunday afternoon when it is not a match day( Sorry a Match day is one of

those days that a football game is being played,wheather the local football league or the

much adored Engish primier league),then I look at What time is it in Nairobi(, I would

likely be found at Nairobi National Park,Nairobi National Museum or better still watch the

latest movie at Kenya Cinema.

What Are Your Pleasures?

I do not know your favorite Nairobi raha is all about. But one thing is for sure, let not you

pleasure be your master but rather be master over your pleasure.

Ji enjoy ( Enjoy yourself).


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